I was born in the early 1980's to two of the kindest, most supportive parents you could ever wish for. My father worked in the hotel industry, meaning we moved around quite frequently and often travelled to far flung destinations when it came to our family holidays. I have a lot to be grateful for.

Although I was born in Scotland, I don’t really feel like I’m defined by my personal geography - there's no single place I call home. This has left me somewhat nomadic and with a keen desire to see as much of the world as I can, hence the reason for this website.

I'm an architect by profession, but this website is dedicated to sharing my experiences as I travel out into the world. I hope you enjoy those images I share and that my writing is neither too long-winded nor dull for you - Please feel free to leave comments as you see fit or get in touch with me should you have any comments or questions.

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Iceland, Skógar to Thórsmörk, May 2014

Iceland, Skógar to Thórsmörk, May 2014